Tuesday, January 11, 2011

People's Choice Awards: Red Carpet Hits and Misses

This post could also be called "Better Late Than Never." I've been working on this one for a while now, and I'm almost done!! The red carpet never ceases to amaze, in both good ways and bad. Here are a few of my faves, peevs, and suggestions for improvement (since I am a teacher at heart and want everyone to succeed...) ;)

First, and most important: BEST DRESSED

Surprisingly, I loved BOTH of Selena Gomez's dresses:

LOVE this one... Great cut, super flattering, the pattern is funky, fun and not too much. And those earrings are awesome!

For this second dress, the length was good for her, and the ruffle is feminine and looks great juxtaposed against her side-swept hair. Love it!

Let's start the gents off with my favorite man, Neil Patrick Harris. Suit up, gentlemen!
Great suit, great shirt, fits him well - he looks good in anything =)

Draping was a common theme for many dresses, and I LOVED this number on Virginia Williams:
The sweet rose color, and the dramatic back make this dress a winner in my book. It's not only stylish, but flattering - the rule of thumb for awards shows. She chose a glammed-up pony tail to complete her look - flawless!

Ashley Benson:
Some people hated this, but I liked it! It's funky but flattering, and People's Choice is the perfect place for a bit of funk. I'd wear it to a party. The hair, makeup, and bright red lipstick all mesh into one cool package. Sweet!

Queen Latifah:
As the hostess, I loved all of the outfits, but especially this one. I LOVE that she isn't afraid of an up-to-there slit; her body is gorgeous, and so is she!!

Malin Akerman: Who doesn't love red shoes? Or a red clutch? What I don't love? Cap-sleeves. They make me think of sports jerseys, and dear, you look to young and fab to wear a jersey to an event - even if it is a cute little white one.

Kaley Cuoco:
This is pretty formal for People's Choice, but it fits well and has a bit of interest in the bodice. Her earrings are a great statement, too, but the lipstick is oddly pink. I would've gone bright red, but I guess others may like it. All in all, it's a pretty good look.

"MEH" CATEGORY (read: it was OK for me...)

Zac Efron:
Sunless tanner much? This just looks... greasy to me. You can do better, Zac, even without your most notable past accessory, Vanessa Hudgens. Prove me right!

Kristen Stewart:
You did better than last time, Kristen. You did look female this time around, but you have such a cute little body - flaunt it! (<-within reason, of course) LESS THAN OK (read: not worst dressed... but really, really close) Taylor Swift: Something about this is off... It makes her skin look gray and washed out, and the style of the skirt portion (classic and a-line) doesn't match the bodice (draped and Grecian). I'm not thrilled.

Kate Walsh
The top of the dress pinches her oddly... and it's not a standout dress (especially with the weird structured bottom), with no standout jewelry. C'mon, Kate, step up your game!

Jennifer Aniston:
Pant suits can be done right - see Merill Streep. This is not one of those times. While the plunging neckline amps up the sexy factor, the black isn't exciting enough to keep my interest. I would've liked to see a statement necklace or something exciting. Also, please at least brush your hair. I like you, Jen, and I want to like what you wear.

Kim Kardashian: She looks "classier" than normal (not always a given with her). It's just not a wow for me, she should've added some color and I'd have liked it better, also... does this smack of tin-foil to anyone else? Her skin tone looks so amazing in jewel tones - one of those next time, please!

WORST DRESSED (there are quite a few, but I'm thinking you'll agree)

Cat Deeley:

Cat, you're over 5' 10," but this makes you look me-sized! The length is all wrong, and your slouchy stance isn't working for me either. Stand tall and proud, with a more flattering dress next time!

Niki Taylor:
Battlestar Galactica, anyone? Giant hair and a huge metal neck-piece? Where is her stylist?! Someone rescue her from the spaceship before the Empire attacks! (and yes, I did just mix my space opera details)

Katy Perry:
Holy exploding cotton-candy machine! We all saw you dressed as candy once. Can you really get away with that again? You don't see Lady Gaga wearing the same meat suit again...

Kourtney Kardashian:
Did her dress fall into a petri dish?! Those look like giant cells on her dress! Ugh, no, please.

Khloe Kardashian:
Now, the red hair, I can handle - shocking, yes, but it's not the end of the road for this look. It's that combined with the ill-fitting sheath dress, and the abundance of cleavage, that ruin it for me.

Robert Pattinson:
Too cool to be awake? Or wear a suit? Then you're too cool to be "Best Dressed." Try again.

And while I'm dumping on the men...
Ben Rappaport:
Everything about this is fine... except that TIE! All you had to do was throw on a suit, sir. It's not like you have to primp like a girl. But you couldn't even take the time to tie your tie properly?? No, sir, no thank you.

Raven Symone:
Help!! I can't find Raven! The award show is in 5 minutes!! Oh wait, I think she's buried in this pile of ruffles and thigh-high leather! Yuck.

Ashley Tisdale:
It looks like she was attacked by a spray tan, and a botox needle. You are cute on your own Ashley, please choose prettier colors for your dress AND skin, and that does not include fake-and-bake orange.

Pauley Perrette:
Pauley, if you want to promote a charity you believe in, please do so, but try doing it in a more classy way. This could have been so much better and had more impact as t-shirt under a classy pant suit or as a patch on the blazer. At least I think so.

Nancy O'Dell:
Is it too mean to say: "Lay off the plastic surgery?" She looks completely different than herself 5 years ago... You are gorgeous, but now you look like you're rockin' the "crazy eyes." The fake-and-bake glow isn't helping either. The dress and earrings are killer (in a good way), but next time, go a bit more pale, not pasty, just more natural.

Oh Adam Sandler, what did you do to yourself? You look adorable as always, even with the black eye =)

Well, that's my wrap up! I'm getting in my practice before the Red Carpet Championship (read: Academy Awards) on Feb 27. Hooray for fashion - so much fun!

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