Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bicycle Love

I LOVE my bicycle. My husband and I are fortunate enough to live in a very urban and bike friendly place (extraordinarily unusual for the Phoenix-metro area), and we enjoy bike-riding on a very regular basis.

I have always loved the feeling of the wind in my hair, but not so fast that it whips my face (hence why my childhood obsession with bikes did not turn into an adult obsession with convertibles... and my wallet is thankful!). Cruisers are my favorite, since I am not a hipster and couldn't hope to ever remain upright on a fixed gear or road bike. They're so fun and happy looking, don't cruisers always look happy? I personally love red as the ultimate color for cruisers... red with a wicker basket, vintage Schwinn wide-seat, metal puddle protectors, white-wall tires, and a charming vintage bell - hold out for me, dream bike, I'm coming for you, I swear!

My family was also lucky enough to inherit a vintage bronze Schwinn tandem from an Uncle Ralph (some relation to my grandmother). Pictured below is that same bike, but in blue (ours has a basket, as well).

We feel like the coolest kids in bike-town when we tootle around on our tandem with sweet little Ted either in the basket, or trotting alongside. We get "awww"s and whistles, please try to contain your jealously. Seriously. With my love of bikes in mind, here are a few pics that make my heart just melt...

Believe it or not, Eric and I did consider using our bikes as the "getaway" vehicles for our wedding reception. And we would've used them (they're matching and red - ok, you can be jealous now, I know you can't help it), except that it was the middle of the summer and the temps outside had settled around 538,261,394,869 degrees, roughly.

This would make a great print for my office!

See? Cool people have matching bikes, and take awesome pictures to boot!

I want this painting almost as much as I want her red pants and the puppy in the basket...

This is chic. If I lived in Europe and could use my bike to do my grocery shopping at a local market, I would. And I would wear this coat and boots, just because I live in Europe and that's what Europeans do.

Beach cruiser + beach house = awesome

Must have these pillowcases from Etsy!

While the weather is pleasant, go take a bike ride, you won't regret it! Happy Wednesday, friends!

(Images from personal collection; sources unknown, sorry!)

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