Thursday, January 6, 2011

Amazing Pictures

Can I please eat here? I don't care what you give me, just serve it this chunky, distressed table, and under this trellis, in this yard. Please.

I would also love to relax in this family room. I make no effort to hide that my favorite color is green, and I'm loving it's sparing uses here. The pops of red on the couch are eye-catching, and the nail-head on that ottoman is fab. Plus, whoever did this has an amazing knack for combining patterns. I would never have put zebra pillows in that room, but they look awesome - kudos. And lets be honest, who doesn't love a puppy in the picture, too?

I think Ted would like this room. That's it - haul all of my furniture out, I'm starting from scratch and re-creating this!! Wouldn't that be nice? I think if I had unlimited resources I'd do that for every season... Good thing I have at least one iota of self-control (and limited funds!).

I have somewhat exciting news - I've been given another design job! My dear friend Rachael has asked me to re-vamp her bathroom on her budget of ~$50. With such a small room, the possibilities may seem to be limited, but in reality, they are endless. She has chosen a wire dress form like the one below (purchased at Ross for $20, retails for $80 - booyah!) as her inspiration for the room.

It's always helpful to have an inspirational piece around which to build. In Rachael's re-vamp, there's a few key things we'll need to do: remove the builder-basic mirror and towel rack, re-paint the walls, switch out cabinet and faucet hardware, and change the shower curtain. I'm trying to draw inspiration from chic, girly bathrooms, with Rachael making the final calls, of course. So far, I'm thinking framed out mirrors, soft blue tones, white moldings, with dark wire and wood accents, and framed out original photography. We might even put in some bead-board, if we get ambitious! The rooms below are serving as inspiration to us, and hopefully I'll be able to post some "before" pictures soon.

I can just see this one with the dress form replacing the wooden table as the focal point!

The pops of red here are genius!

Anyone could do this: change the shower curtain, linens, and art - PRESTO! New bathroom!

This one is a lesson in neutrals = luxe looks. The hanging mirror and bead-board remind me of Anthropologie, and the shower subway-tile and painted tin ceiling are jaw-dropping. LOVE. THIS.

We'll continue to google image the heck out of more great bathrooms, and draw any inspiration we can to give Rachael a girly spa-like retreat. Wish us luck, and comment with any cheap, easy, and chic ideas!

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