Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's getting away from me!! I am all planned-out at school (lessons planned, tests and quizzes written and copied, etc.), but because I'm spending so much time here, my house is falling apart! I need to start using my time at home more wisely (read: NOT sitting down to watch episode after episode of "How I Met Your Mother" on DVD, and NOT snuggling with Ted for over an hour at a time). I'm going to institute a "5 Minute Cleaning Rule" for myself. Every hour or two, I'm going to set aside 5 minutes, and clean as much as I can as fast as I can. This way I'll not feel like I have to clean all night, and eventually my progress should catch up with my constant need to dirty the space around me (I hope??). This way, every few days I can tackle a big job (laundry, mopping, watching re-runs of "Friends"... you know, only the things that I absolutely MUST do...).

I really wish someone would invent the house that cleans itself. It would be an instant hit, I promise. Until then, I'll just slave away (read: do a few chores a day and gripe loudly), and keep cleaning something that will probably be dirty again in a matter of hours. Humph!

I'd rather be here:

doing this:

I'd also settle for here:

Doing this:

There's nothing quite like jumping on a bed to instantly turn a frown into a giggle. Happy Thursday, friends!

Images via SoFrench, WeHeartIt, and CountryLiving.


  1. The self cleaning house has been invented :) Remember Smart House the Disney Channel Original movie? I don't think it worked out for them.

  2. I DO remember that!! Leave it to you to bring that up ;)