Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

What a wonderful year 2010 has been for Eric and myself. Despite being under the weather today *achoo!* I am moved to look back in thanks and look forward in anticipation to 2011.

We have been through some difficult changes in the past few weeks, namely having to make some tough decisions regarding our baby (read: puppy), "Lucy." She has been such a blessing, but such a struggle. She has boundless energy - she can go on a 20 mile bike ride at a full run and still have enough energy to drive us batty! We love her so much, but she is constantly disobedient, not out of a mean spirit, but out of an overflow of energy. We have taken her to three training schools, had countless hours of private training, left her with the trainers for a few weeks (for a crash obedience course), and nothing has really helped.

We've been to the vet recently, and determined that she has an enlarged heart. This doesn't affect her day to day health or lifespan, but it causes her to have endless amounts of energy. After much thought, prayer, advice seeking, and tears (Lord knows...), we have determined that although we LOVE her desperately, she would be better served by being in another home. She needs a home where there is LOTS of land, and the family is invested in some sort of activity where she can have an outlet. We have found just such a family who is friends with our trainers, and they live in SoCal. She will probably be leaving us in just a matter of days, and I am torn. I know this is best for her, and best for us - but she's my baby! I waited and waited to have my own dog for years. I know God is teaching us something through this, but I won't lie - it is extremely difficult.

The difficulty is compounded by many people's judgements. I realize, probably more than most, the commitment that a dog always is. I was ready for this, and so was Eric. We were committed to her well-being and committed to exercising her, making her part of the family, and altering our lifestyle to fit some of her needs. People are so quick to judge, "you should exercise her more," "find a constructive activity for her," "train her this way" etc. The fact is, 3 trainers agree that we've done everything we can do. I have to learn to live with the disapproval of some people, and I'll just deal.

In the end I know what we are doing is best for Lucy, and that's what is helping me get through this. I can't believe I'll be saying goodbye to my baby, but it's goodbye to a better life for her; and after all, we only want the best for our kids (read: puppies). We may say goodbye on Friday morning, and I'm working to be ok with it. I know it's what's best, and would appreciate the prayers.

In other news...

We have been planning out our year, and are so excited for the things ahead! We have 6 or 7 trips planned (large and small), which is important to me ~ I'd die without regular trips out of town. You can keep your jewelry, expensive dinners, and fancy cars - give me a day away with my hubby in the mountains! We are excited to be planning trips to California, Colorado, camping spots in AZ, and a few others (maybe a cruise!), and we are so excited to see where this year takes us!

I am excited to finish my first full year as a teacher at Scottsdale Preparatory Academy, which I have LOVED. I am so thankful God led me to this place, and I hope they like me well enough to renew my contract at the end of the year =) I am hoping to start a hiking club for the students as well, exploring this wonderful state of ours!

Eric is loving his new department at work (heavy civil = roads, bridges, etc.), and has enjoyed meeting new people in his new office. We miss the BIM department, but we are still close with everyone there, and are enjoying looking forward to an upcoming wedding the the department!

We are looking forward to doing some more remodeling on the house (here we come, backyard landscaping!), and spending some relaxing time with our families and Ted, of course. I hope the new year finds you and yours well! (...and more recipes later, I promise!)


  1. I totally understand... we're going through the same struggle giving our piggies away. Have fun on all your trips, so jealous! Please plan one for Hawaii and come visit me! =)

  2. Lucy left tonight - what a heartbreak! But we are excited for her new season. We would LOVE to visit you in Hawaii! Tell the gas prices to drop, and we will =)