Monday, January 31, 2011


While browsing the pages of Elle Decor today, I came across this...

A little strange, no? I guess when it comes to your home, it's whatever "floats your boat" ;) Who doesn't need a little dose of the odd or strange on an otherwise somewhat dreary Monday? I sure do! Happy (strange) Monday, everyone!


  1. I saw something similar to this in a little mountain community decor shop in S. Carolina. Having really high ceilings in my loft I'm always looking for something interesting to go "up" to fill some of that space and have been searching for a rustic kayak or something like that to suspend from the rafters for added drama and interest.

  2. Interesting... Just wondering, (since I've not seem anything like this before) would you suspend said kayak upside down? It seems quite the original idea to me, and sounds like it could look very eclectic and chic in a loft space!