Monday, January 10, 2011

Gorgeous family rooms

I love the look of all of these rooms! Oh to have the time/funds to re-create each one!

The color palette here is so calming; it's functional (read: has a TV and seating facing said TV - all husbands appreciate this), and high style, while not feeling pretentious or fragile (read: kids welcome).

I would never have thought to paint that chartreuse color on the walls, but it works! I also like the appropriate (yet sparing) use of silk plants. It looks comfy, fashionable and functional!

What a fab idea! I love the creative use of this space! The slanted look adds interest to what would otherwise be a basic built-in, and it's great use of a space that is normally an afterthought! It also allows the furniture to create a logical dividing line between this space and another (which I assume is behind the camera; a kitchen, etc .).

This is a great room for families with kids! Stylish furnishings with kid-friendly textiles, and a sturdy rug. The mobile in the corner adds visual interest to an otherwise "blah" portion of the room. Perfection!

Photo by HGTV.
I really like the plaids in this space, and I'm really not a plaid-lover. This room is basic, but it feels clean and homey. I might liven up the wall color, but it feels comfy, and Lord knows, I'm a sucker for a red-brick fireplace! I'd read a book here, if you MADE me ;)

The topiaries are so cute and perfectly placed, and the marble surround on the fireplace adds a touch of opulence without stuffiness. I feel like this room says "We have nice things, but we don't have to rub it in your face," if rooms could talk, haha!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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