Monday, February 21, 2011

Ladder love

Why am I obsessed with having a ladder in my home? No, not one of those "Little Giants" they sell on infomercials, a real, wooden ladder. I honestly have no need of one, my home was built in 1979 and has 8 foot ceilings (inset joke about me being short and still needing a ladder to reach anything above 6 feet here). Maybe it's just the rustic and old world charm of ladders that gets me. Either way, I want to design a room around one someday, and these pictures will serve as inspiration...

via West Elm
A ladder as a towel rack - I like it! Useful, portable, and imaginative (I hate, Hate, HATE out-of-the-box bathroom fixtures. It doesn't have to be builder basic and boring!!! Stepping down off of my soapbox now...)

via Chateau and Bungalow blog
While I don't have the guts to have open displays in my kitchen (it feels cluttered and crowded to me), if you do like that sort of thing THIS is the way to do it. It's adorable and rustic that the ladder is free-moving, but would you break dishes every time you set it up? I would.

via Apartment Therapy
Love, love, love, love, LOVE this kitchen. White cabinets, a breakfast bar, a double island (AWESOME!), the pendant lights, and a ladder!! Only change I would make? Butcher-block counter tops, I can't escape my love of farmhouse kitchens...

via Elle Decor
While I'm fairly certain that any parent of 4 children looks at this room and sees "suicide," perhaps this is a good option for grandma's house? Practical it may not be, but adorable, it is. A throw back to train-car bunks, this design is rustic, and the ladders make it absolutely precious. But let's be honest... with four kids, when would all four beds every be made?? Never.

Can't remember where I found this image, but I LOVE it. Farmhouse kitchen with white dishes (LOVE), wine as a centerpiece (shouldn't it always be so??), and a black ladder for contrast. Kill me now.

via Tracy Bross Design
Another take on the impossible bedroom. Any parents out there brave enough to go for this? Again, I love the contrast of the mostly white room and the black ladders. But gooood luck getting the room to look like this... Ever. Again.

via Fric and Frac blog

via Design sponge
Rolling ladder that curves?! Amazing. While I'm almost always firmly against anything that interferes with the flow and continuity of a room (read: I would curse at this ladder after running smack into it more than once if it were in my home), I could make an exception for this beauty. OK, I admit it now: My name is April, and I have a ladder problem!

via Chateau and Bungalow
Look at those windows! Love, just love.

Nothing like some bautiful spaces for a Monday morning. Hopefully most of you have the day off (Thank you, U.S. Presidents!), so make a little time for you today, and ENJOY yourself. Happy Monday, friends!

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