Monday, February 28, 2011

The 2011 Oscars~not so hot...

I had intended to blog about the Oscars today, but I was left so utterly UNINSPIRED by the fashion, not to mention the broadcast itself, that I'm tempted not to touch the subject, despite my having looked forward to it for MONTHS. OK, OK, I'll digress for a moment....

What the HECK was going on last night? First off, what was with all of the unkempt hair styles? I'm the first to say "no" to the updo, but that doesn't mean we have to let our fly-aways run amok (I'm talking to YOU, Amy Adams and Scarlet Johansson!!)
And, Amy... Can we talk about how this dress could have been so AMAZING, were it not for that TERRIBLE necklace? It's fine on it's own, but really, dear - not with that dress.

Not to mention, you, Scarlet. *scratching head* What is that dress exactly? Not my favorite, not even close, that's what it is.

Love it or hate it, Cate Blanchet is about the only person who could have rocked this couture look from Givenchy...
I personally like it, but I know I'm almost alone in that... It's definitely couture, that's for sure...

Nicole Kidman is GORGEOUS, but her Dior number left me cringing:
The hip-accentuating structure is AWFUL, and otherwise it looks like a cheap wedding gown. No, thanks.

However, Natalie Portman is GORGEOUS in Rodarte, and her tassel earrings were completely adorable.

Gwyneth Paltrow looked SMASHING, as she always does, in Calvin Klein. And love me or hate me, I actually enjoyed her earrings and brooch =)

Halle Berry's Marchesa dress was gorgeous, but she can pull off so much more. Show us whatcha got, Halle!
I would have liked to see her in a bold color, like Jennifer Hudson...
This was a little "holy boob attack!" for me, but the color was nice, and she looks SMOKIN'!

Florence Welch was frightening... the gown reminded me of a good-will find...

Kudos to Hailee Steinfeld, from True Grit, who looked adorable AND age-appropriate. She should teach some of her peers some lessons (I'm looking at YOU, Miley Cyrus!)

Sharon Stone? She didn't attend, but Cuella DeVil did...
Cruella chose a ravishing Dior number, and her signature hair and sharp facial features identified her right away..... ;)

Typical Helena, but I can't really knock her. She has her own style and she wears it with pride. unlike so many of her ill-dressed cohorts, she consistently delivers AMAZING performances in her movies. So she can dress like a kook, if she wants to. At least in my book.

I was pretty excited to see Sandra Bullock this year. I was hoping she's come out swinging, like Reese Witherspoon did last year (freshly divorced from Ryan Phillipe). But Sandra looked sad (who can blame her, really~the Oscars must have mixed memories for her), and severe in her bright red Vera Wang and pale make up. We love you Sandra, smile!! =)

I LOVED Hillary Swank's Gucci gown!! LOVE IT!! But she needed some accessories. Not too much, just a cuff? Or maybe earrings?? Something?!

Poll: Is or is not Helen Mirren the sexiest lady alive? Polls closed. Results are in. 100% of people vote she's drop dead sexy. How do you do it, Helen?!

Ummmmm so, WHO is Jennifer Lawrence? She's HOT, I know that. I feel silly, but I'd never even HEARD of "Winter's Bone" before. WHAT a red carpet debut!

Mila Kunis in Ellie Saab looked AMAZING. Not so 70's now, eh? ;)

Marisa Tomei WINS the Best Dressed of the evening in my book. The vintage Charles James is outstanding, plus I lust love her to death.

Penelope Cruz just had a BABY for goodness sakes! H.O.T. Hot.

Michelle Williams can rock a pixie-cut like nobody's business. And I love a beaded Chanel gown as much as the next girl (read: I LOVE IT A LOT!!), but I'd have preferred her in a bloder color that didn't wash her out so much.

Now Reese Witherspoon is my fashion ICON. I LOVE everything she wears... almost. She said yesterday that this dress was a game-time decision, and I think she should have gone with her first instincts (oh, what might have been!). To me, she looks like she's wearing one of those hair pieces they sell at the mall, and a dress that looks straight out of the 90's. While it's not awful, she could do (and has done) waaaaaaay better.

Let me make on thing clear... I love Monique Lhuillier - but Mandy Moore looks washed out in this nude beaded dress. She should have walked the carpet in the gorgeous blue number she sang in. Alas, hindsight is 20/20.

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty were adorable together! LOVE them, and LOVE her Naeem Kahn number!

Aaaannnnnddd, my FAVORITE leading man! I'm so glad he won Best Actor, he COMPLETELY deserved it! Not to mention the Kings Speech was an absolutely excellent film (and totally deserved its win for Best Picture), and his arm candy, (wife, Livia) is nothing to be sneezed at. ;) If you could be anyone right now, who wouldn't want to be Colin Firth?!

Justin Timberlake is adorable. All the time. Period.

And Robert Downey Jr. is delectable. His presentation speech was one of the few redeemingly funny parts of the night (despite being a repeat of a joke by Ricky Gervais from the Golden Globes). And his choice of navy blue over black? Mmmmm-hmmmm. *sigh*

Anne Hathaway looked drop-dead-amazing in her vintage Valentino...
But I COULD NOT get over how much she resembled an over-caffeinated cheer leader during the awards! What was UP with the hosting?
James Franco, while very cute, was HIGH AS A KITE if you ask me. Wtf?! Are you BEGGING never to be nominated or even INVITED to the Oscars ever again?! And Anne Hathaway, albeit a wonderful actress, was just too much. They had no script (or at least it appeared that way), and actors? They NEED scripts.

Overall, I was let down by the night. I wanted so much more for the evening, and with the largest audience for an Academy Awards in history, I bet the Academy did too. It's supposed to be all about the glitz and glam, but it felt like they were trying to cater to the MTV VMA's audience.

So, what outfits did you love/hate? Any sympathy to be found out there for the hosts? And most importantly, who should host NEXT year?? It has to be better next year... right?!

Hope you enjoyed my Oscar round up! Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. I could only stand watching about 5 minutes of it last night, so thanks for the round up!
    Sandra wins for me! (Except you're right, girlfriend needs to smile).