Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aaaaaand, we're off! (again)

Yep!  Another vacation is headed my way!  Today, my sister, mom and myself take off for her birthday trip to...

We LOVE Disneyland.  It's always been a place where our family could make amazing memories and spend good quality time together (it's not a real Disney day unless you both open and close the park - a 16 hour day!).  My sister and I are taking my mom on Friday and Saturday, in celebration of her birthday which is tomorrow.  It's going to ba a great girls trip! 

And because I have the BEST husband in the world, he and my dad are gearing up for their boys weekend project... removing our popcorn ceilings.  I can't believe I'm leaving my home stuck in 1977 and returning to a nice modern update - I'm so lucky!!  They'll be doing a LOT of this:

They're starting with the two bedrooms (one of the three already has an updated ceiling), and at the end of the weekend, we'll see how it went before we tackle our two main rooms.  I'm SO excited to see how it turns out, and SO thankful that my hubby and dad are so wonderful that they will skip out on a trip to do this!  Hoorah!

In other news, I picked up a few items the other day at  my favorite haunt, Goodwill.  I snatched up this pewter shell-shaped bowl for $3 (it is far better than this picture makes it look - darned camera!!)

And this little golden apple bowl and lid for $0.50.  I'm not sure if it'll retain it's gold color or not, but I loved she shape!

An last, but not least, I saw this HORRIBLE looking thing for $1.

BAD, right?!  While I love a good "artisan" product, wouldn't it be cuter if it looked like one of these?

 I'll tell you that I started spray painting it yesterday afternoon, and so far it looks AMAZING!  I can't wait to show the final product to you on Monday when I get home!  Be excited for another $2 make-over!  Have a happy Thursday, friends!


  1. Have fun! That's so nice of your husband to do the ceilings while you're gone!

  2. I love Disney! That elephant does have the potential to be really cute.