Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just call me Orville... Redenbacher, that is.

I'm dying under a mountain of popcorn. 

I like tackling big projects myself.  They always make for wonderful stories, amazing learning experiences, and pretty good blog posts (see here for Summer 2010's kitchen redo).  But sometimes, these big projects find me in waaaay over my head.  I've always been able to finish, but I'm having one of those moments where I'm asking myself, "What have I done?!" And even though Eric and my dad did a TON of work this weekend, there was still bunches of work left when I arrived home Sunday evening.  As if the volume of work wasn't enough, we're been removing ceilings that likely have asbestos in them, so we have to wear masks and long sleeves/pants that we want to throw away and never see again (have I mentioned lately that its eleventymillion degrees here??).  Also, we have to keep poor Ted in the bedroom so he's safe from the icky stuff.  And finally... it makes a TERRIBLE MESS. 

I am a neat freak when it comes to my house, and right now my living and family rooms look like this because all of the furniture had to be removed from the back two bedrooms.  I can't believe I'm posting this. *cue the shameful face*
Why, yes.  That IS several mattresses, part of a desk, a bike, sandpaper, a random couch cushion, and a fedora!

And in this corner we have more desk pieces, a nightstand, college textbooks (Why do I find it so difficult to part with these?  Probably because they cost me roughly my first born child...), sunglasses, our new Netflix movie, a glove, and an asbestos mask.   *And very ugly curtains that are coming down soon, thank GOD!*

Are you as queasy as I am looking at all this JUNK?!  How did we acquire so much crap?  I posted 7 things on Craigslist yesterday - I simply cannot have all this junk.  End. Of. Story.  Aaaaaanyway...

The de-popcorning is coming along.  In fact, the de-popcorning is finished, along with the patching, sanding round #1, the new texturing (using a skip trowel - tutorial to come), and sanding round #2.  Whew!  This morning, I'll be finishing the final sanding, brushing away all of the dust, and applying one coat of the new paint.  It's an exciting color, are you ready?  Here it is!

Yep.  White.  I really don't have a decorating plan for these rooms yet *blasphemy, I know!*  and it's probably good, since a friend of ours is going to be moving in with us next month and occupying some of the oodles of extra space Eric and I have.  For now the ceilings will be in a matte white, with "greige" walls.  I'm still deciding on the color, but it's going pretty much everywhere in the house.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot do half the things that I LOVE about decorating in our home (namely crazy paint jobs, custom finishes, cool floorings, etc.) because this house will be a rental home for us within a few years.  Have I ever shared that before?  Maybe not.  We are paying it off as fast as we can, and it will be an AMAZING source of income in the coming years, but as some of you may know, the name of the rental property game is LOW MAINTENANCE & EASILY REPLACEABLE.  Most (certainly not all) renters, particularly the college-aged ones who look in our neighborhood, don't take care of properties and everything needs to be basic so that if it is damaged or breaks, it's no biggie to take care of.  *Sigh* 

This post is getting wordy.  I need more pictures.  Sadly, ceiling re-texturing is not a great picture project, but I have a few, so I'll share what I've got!

Here is a frightening photo of me, filthy, and in front of a drop cloth.  Thanks, Sperian mask, for keeping me cancer free!  Hey, you guys love pictures - I didn't promise they'd be cute...

 Here's the setup: rinse bucket, mud bucket, trash bucket.   And dirty floor.

Here's a "before" picture of sorts.  Although the offensive popcorn is already down, and the patching and sanding are done, this is before the final texture goes on (the most time consuming and labor intensive part of the job).  Loving the dated fan-without-blades/light fixture?  Me neither.  It's gone before the end of the month.  Final Answer.

"During" picture.  Good old dad is taking his turn at skip troweling (he is MUCH better at it than I am - it's an art, for sure!).  Disregard the difference in colors, it's topping joint compound, so it's wet.  *don't I sound like an expert?  "Topping joint compound," not to be confused with "all purpose joint compound," so professional!*

And the "after" shot!  Kind of.  We haven't sanded or painted yet, and that horrid light fixture is still there. *shudder*  Tomorrow we paint, and maybe we can clean up a bit so my carpets stop looking like this:

At least it vacuums easily.  Oh, the joys of big projects.  I REALLY need to finish this one, and sell my Craigslist junk, so I can feel like a real person again in my house.  The mess has Got. To. Go.  Anyone else an obsessive neat freak?  Do you love/hate/love messy projects or am I the only crazy?  Oh!  I was going to show you my Goodwill elephant that I spray painted a chic glossy white last week, but it got all smudged on the top, and needs a bit of sanding, and another coat.  I'll do it this morning so I can show you tomorrow.  Along with my one-coat-of-paint-so-far ceilings.  Win!  Happy Tuesday, friends!

**Also, Happy Summer Solstice!  The longest day of the year will surely feel that long around here!**

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  1. Such a Big, BIG job! You are awesome. Keep going! Nice dad too.