Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ross: the good, the bad, and the ugly

Ross is one of my favorite and least favorite places to visit all in one.  I have found a few of my most favorite pieces in my home from Ross, and I have spent hours sifting through kitsch and junk to find nothing.  It really all depends on the day.  Today was a lovely day at Ross.  While I didn't come home with anything, I decided to take a few picture of the lovlies, the uglies, and the just-plain-weird.

**Disclaimer**  Everyone has different taste - I'm expressing mine and please don't be offended if I don't like something that just happens to be your favorite piece.

Here we have the first "good," a set of white foo dogs for the TINY price of $26 for the pair:
Adorable, no??  They would be perfect as bookends!  I WISH they could have come home with me. 

And now it's "ugly" counterpart...
Friends don't let friends buy mosaic giraffes.  Who makes this??

Next we have this AMAZING blown glass bottle with a sisal rope wound around the neck - delish!
This would look lovely in my living room - maybe another day.

This little number isn't necessarily "ugly," just... "blah."  There's nothing original about it...
I think I'd opt for something with a bit more originality - something that doesn't look like I'd find it in a model home. 

Here we have a great garden stool, perfect to accompany a couch as a side table

Aren't they cute?  I'll take both - please and thank you.

And now another "not-so-lovely," shall we say...
Again, it's not "ugly," it's just been done before.  I could walk into any model home and find one just like this filled with silk plants.  If you have a choice of containers, choose something original, if you can. 

I had a fabulous time digging around the home department today, too bad nothing jumped into my cart.  Of course, the mood was a bit dampened by the SWELTERING heat.  It was 115 degrees today!!  I can't wait to get out of town again.  Stick a fork in me - I'm done!  Despite the ridiculous heat, I'm off this morning to complete another little mini-project to be shared tomorrow.  Have a lovely and happy Tuesday, friends!

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  1. Ooh! Look what One Kings Lane has for sale today!


    It looks just like the blown glass jar above - only $100 more expensive. Win!