Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hero of the Day: Gorilla Glue

Since I am fickle indecisive had a lot on my plate this last week, I was convinced I wouldn't really try to obsessively clean the house like I usually do.  On Sunday night I talked Eric out of cleaning to try and relax.  Then, on Tuesday night, I started panicking that the dust was getting outrageous in our house, and so on my way home, I called Eric and begged asked him to start cleaning.  Because he is the BEST HUSBAND in the WORLD, he started dusting for me, and had the house mostly cleaned up by the time I got home. 

But there was one casualty, a stoneware "C" that hung in our family room on the gallery wall.  I found it in six pieces when I got home.  Eric felt so bad, and I know this sounds silly, but it was so CUTE!  He was so apologetic, and he felt terrible.  I was bummed, but way more glad that my house was clean, and that my husband knows how to dust well enough that he makes sure to get all of the wall hangings. 

So, last night I sat down with all 6 pieces and some Gorilla Glue:

That kleenex ended up glued to my hand about six times.  I also glued my foot to my shoe and my left pointer and middle finger together.  Yep - keepin it real.  The good news is that I did end up fixing the "C" and now it's back to all it's former glory:

Win!  You are the Hero of the Day, Gorilla Glue, despite my finger's/shoe's/kleenex's trouble with you.  Yesterday was quite the day of projects, here's a sneak peek at one of them:

Quite possibly the best Goodwill score EVER!  This mirror is getting some new life and should be hanging on my wall before Monday.  We also began the preparations for removing all of the popcorn ceilings in our house, adding crown molding and painting - Whew!  And it'll all be done before the end of the month.  Wowie!  Stay tuned for the pictures and happy Saturday, friends!

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