Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Easy Breezy

I'm taking a break (blogging-wise, Lord KNOWS I don't get to take an actual break) from my ceilings today, and creating a virtual vacation space for myself.  I'm surrounded by clutter and mess, so today I'm sharing my "happy place" with you. 
**P.S. I get to start painting my ceilings tonight and move the furniture back in tomorrow - wahoo!**

I'm imagining that I'm somewhere calm and sunny today.  Maybe a light breeze is blowing; it's the kind of warm weather where you feel like you're under a soft blanket and you enjoy the sun on your arms... Are we all there yet?  Good.  Now, the rest is up to you... 

Are you perhaps lying on this bed reading a book?
Mmmmmm, feel that breeze through the open windows...

Are you realxing in this family room on the couch, with an ice cold lemonade?
Just look at those waves roll in...

Are you taking a bath on this secluded porch?
Feel that warm sun on your shoulders...

Maybe you're relaxing in the kitchen as the kiddos run back and forth to the pool?
Wet feet? Who cares...

Enjoying your private cottage in the Hamptons?
Well, hello lounge chair and pillows, don't mind if I do...

Of maybe you're on the West coast, sipping something sweet by your pool, as you savor the view...
I can feel that ocean breeze and smell the sea, can you?

Ahhhh.  Wasn't that relaxing?  Whatever you're doing today, take a little time and relax in your own personal happy place.   Happy Wednesday, friends!

{all images via Elle Decor, House Beautiful, or Traditional Home}


  1. Um, I'll take that cottage, please.

  2. Oh, happy places. I do this at work. When a patient yells at me, I go to whatever happy place I have dreamed up for the day...usually a beach chair. I shared it with my whenever we have a grouchy patient they warn me with "beach chair".

    Love that blue fridge!

  3. Thanks for taking us to your happy places! I know how you feel with the clutter and mess and desire not to touch another speck of paint!