Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ted's new loot!

Ted is a happy happy dog this morning.  He recently won a giveaway from Decor and the Dog (go check the blog out right now! You won't regret it!) for a $50 PetSmart gift card!  He was originally concerned that he would not be able to buy exactly what he wanted, due to his parents' practicality and his lack of pose-able thumbs (otherwise I'm very certain he would have gone himself).  However, he neglected to remember that his mom is a total SAP and wants to spoil him completely.  We all jumped in the car a few nights ago, and headed out to PetSmart to see what we could find.  And we came home with a good amount of loot:

Ted absolutely insisted he be present in all shots so as to show how much he's loving everything!

We took home:

~Doggie nail clippers (they're still in the packaging and he thinks they're a treat -shhhh!) to help treat Ted's "raptor claws," as we like to call them

~A new bowl that's shatter-proof, has a rubber bottom and is MUCH more stylish then the pink girly other one he's been using for the last 6 months...

~A new "unstuffed" toy in the shape of a dragon.  He picked it up and carried it around the store for the entire time, and any of our attempts to show him other toys were met with disdain.  (We tried the wubba, Michelle, it just couldn't compare to his new dragon buddy, apparently!) =)

~A new collar to match his red leash and his new bowl.  Collars get to be so grungy looking after a while, especially here in hot, sunny, and dusty AZ!

~A package of "Greenies" treats that are AMAZING at helping keep your pooch tartar-free.

Ted is so thrilled with all of our purchases, and I think his faith in our shopping abilities has been restored.  He posed for some pics with his individual items, and you can see his annoyance growing in each of the shots.  To me, his face says: "Stop this and give me my dragon toy.  Right. Now."

Posing with what will undoubtedly be his least favorite purchase, and looking slightly annoyed.

Posing with his new bowl, and more annoyed that it is empty for picture-taking purposes.

Posing with his new collar, which he actually likes, and now definitely giving me the "stink eye."

 Finally happy that I gave him back his beloved dragon!

Thanks, Michelle for a great giveaway!  We are so thrilled with our new toys!  I hope everyone is having a lovely day (it'll be even more lovely if you check out Michelle's blog and see her drool-worthy monkey bread post!), and as always, have a happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. Awww, I'm glad he got some good stuff. Ike is totally jealous of the dragon!! Love his collar too. Ike had one just like that in black. Stylish!