Thursday, June 2, 2011

Boring neutrals?

Yesterday was such a wonderful celebration of my sister - Happy Graduation, Ally!  Today, we're all recovering and I'm staring around at my family room, making sure my design plan is actually what I want.  I have a tendency to change things the minute I finish them.  Anybody else a compulsive re-arranger/project starter?  I'm set on my basic color scheme: beige, sage, and pops of bright green, silver and navy...  It's a little basic but it'll change with the seasons well, and I think it'll wear well with time.  Here are some spaces that have served as inspiration for me:

via Houzz
 This is proof that neutrals don't have to be boring.  That purple rug is to die for, an he soft grey on the walls lets the other elements of the room shine.

via raenovate
While this looks a little "model home" to me, with few navy pillows and some amazing art on the walls, it could go from basic to gorgeous.

via Better Homes and Gardens
I love the rich wood tones, and the patterned curtains.  This is exactly the look I'm going for, and my color scheme is very similar.  This makes me consider throwing in some oranges, because those pillows are amazing. 

Tomorrow I hope to post some pictures of the graduation ceremony, and the party decorations I made!  Have a happy Wednesday, friends!

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  1. love the ikat curtains in this living room... used it on my blog today :) i'm a new follower and i love ur blog! have a great weekend!