Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Old Navy Crush

Answer: Performance Fleece, horrible mannequin commercials, $2 flip-flops.
Question: What you think of first when someone mentions "Old Navy?"

I've gone back and forth with Old Navy for some time now. One day they're overwhelming me with their cute and affordable wool-blend pea coats (Kelly-green toggle pea coat = love!), the next day it's back to bulk selling cotton purses and rubber shoes. However, lately they've impressed me every time I walk in the door with at least a few items worth mentioning (and I won't lie, my wallet LOVES their prices). While I found their fall lineup to be more "expensive looking" than their spring offerings, I'm still digging on some of their upcoming items. Let's start with the pieces that scream "HELLLOOOO SUMMER!!" to me:
Wedges: could wear them EVERY DAY. In fact, as soon as the weather warms, I will. It's a promise.
Breezy tops with jeans? Done and done. Plus, the pattern is more expensive looking than the shirt actually is (~$20).

I want to believe I can pull off white denim, I really do.

I need to live near the coast so I can get away with using an enormous beach tote as a purse all summer.

Sweet necklaces help me feel girlie even when I'm being melted by the scorching-hot sun.

I'm also a sucker for boyfriend jeans - even though one could (should?) argue that the average 3923755 degree temps around here should automatically omit any type of denim from one's summer wardrobe...

Buuuuuut, since it's still cold, even here in AZ (48 and rainy tomorrow?!?!), here's what I WISH I could wear to work....

I ADORE wellingtons! For explanation, see here. Belted trouser jeans? Yes, please! The shirt is slouchy and perfect-looking... Mmmmmmm, stripes! And who doesn't need a nice trench for blustery cold days? Plus the necklace, for sparkle purposes.

They also have a few options for work (although I'd argue whether one could actually wear any of their sample outfits in their "wear to work" section for their intended purpose... Depends on your workplace, I guess...)
Love this - perfect for a chilly classroom.
Camel flat = wear every day that I am not wearing wedges.

Old Navy, you're working on making a believer out of me. Keep rolling out the Gap/J. Crew-inspired clothing and I'll keep shopping. Although, from all of us consumers, please, PLEASE stop with the ridiculous mannequin commercials. Mmmmmkay? Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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