Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bargain Acheived!

I love my husband. While he NEVER pokes fun at my dreams and aspirations (read: awesome husband), he sometimes pokes fun at design concepts that he thinks sound pretentious (read: jealous-of-my-talents-husband.) <-- Just kidding, babe! The latest of these is my out and ut obsession with Chinese Garden Stools. Ok, so it does kind of sound like something Frasier and Niles Crane would want to own, but I sweat they have been popping up in Jonathan Adler rooms, Nate Berkus designs and all over every design blog of note. And yours truly has fallen in LOVE. I have wanted one for almost a year, and have browsed the internet (without much real hope of finding anything in my price range) for quite some time. My hopes were kindled when I saw one listed in a Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago, but even that stool was over $100 and WELL out of my price range.

Then, while shopping at ROSS (of all places) while looking for some one of a kind martini glasses for a bachelorette party I was throwing, I saw one. Green, glossy and perfect, it was practically SCREAMING to me, "Buy me! PLEASE!" I walked up to it with trepidation and saw the price tag: $15. Was this an evil, evil joke? Ohmigosh, I had to have it. I scooped it up and went right home, forgetting completely about the martini glasses (what a good friend, right?).

When Eric came home that night, I was SO EXCITED to tell him about my bargain! While I told him of my year-long search and my super-steal his eyes glazed over and he began to look at my like a puppy who is confused *picture cute cocking of the head.*

"And doesn't it look spectacular as a side table between these two chairs?!" I say as my story is wrapping up...

"Yes." He said as I finished my story of decorating aweomeness.


"That's great?"

Ugh - boys! Oh well, I was pleased to see a stool just like mine pop up on the pages of Elle Decor yesterday. Feast your eyes upon this $300 beauty that looks IDENTICAL to my $15 one. =D Gooooooo budget shopping! *I cheer!*

On a side note, isn't the rest of this room adorable? Can't go wrong with a Jonathan Adler blanket though ;) Happy Wednesday, everyone!

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