Sunday, February 6, 2011

Furry Things in Lovely Homes (Part 1)

I love looking at pictures of stylish homes (be you couldn't have guessed, right?), but I'm always prone to stare a a picture longer when there's some element of human activity going on. I especially love when the designer is featured in their own space. It helps me feel like I know them, and I have such a perspective on their choices for that particular room. But my absolute favorite pictures are those that feature man's best friend. Those of you who know me personally know that I am a TOTAL dog person. I love my dog more than a lot of people I've known (none of you, I'm sure)... I love cuddling with my dog almost as much as I love cuddling with Eric... I love puppies more than babies (sick, right?). So when I see a dog in a picture, it conveys the ultimate feeling of "home" to me. In honor of that, and since I have quite the case of the "Mondays," here's hoping this brings you some Monday cheer...

What a cutie! I'm a sucker for white dogs...

LOVE this room, AND this puppy!

These little ones are begging to be cuddled!

These remind me of Lola, a dear friend's dog - don't they look made for this sofa? *melt*

All images via Elle Decor and Desire to Inspire.

I hope this brightens your day, I know it did mine! Happy Monday, all!

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  1. Two words...hipster puppies