Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rooms I Love (Part 1)

Sometimes it's so much work to categorize all of the things I love into common groups... So, I'm putting together a set of posts about rooms I adore, of which this is the first. In my browsing of magazines, design blogs, and general life experiences, I have gathered together an ENORMOUS amount of pictures of rooms I am in love with. I will do my best to give photo credit where due, but some of the pictures are my own, or I've had them for so long I cannot remember to whom they belong. Please forgive my poor organizational skills, they have not always been as they are now =)

The striped drapes are truly adorable.

These black walls are TO DIE FOR. I wish my home had enough natural light to make this concept look this good.

What a sweet bunk bed set up! I love the make-shift closet, too - fun!

Turquoise glass subway tile?! YUM!

Zebra rug... yes, please!

I never really like pinks in rooms, but Mr. Carrier makes this look GOOD.
By Jesse Carrier

What a delicious porch. I could have lunch and read a book here, for sure!
By Charlotte Moss, via Elle Decor

What I wouldn't give for a butler's pantry... and a BLACK one?? *Heaven*

Those window coverings are divine.
via Elle Decor

Love the bright whites in the apartment living room. It makes it look so much bigger than it really is!

This sun room is AMAZING. The reclaimed-wood ceiling, and the glass doors are awesome... plus the sturdy furniture combined with the feminine metal and plant details make this a 5 star look in my book.
via Elle Decor

I love the lighting over the kitchen island. I need one of those for over my sink!
via Elle Decor

Delicious combo of modern architecture and traditional furniture/fixtures. Love it!
via Elle Decor

This is a low ceiling done RIGHT. I wish mine looked like these instead of my 70's-inspired popcorn...
via Elle Decor

This is Meg Ryan's kitchen~I. Want. This.

I hope you enjoyed my favorites... Do you love any of these as much as I do? Where do you find most of your inspiration? I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday... happy hump-day!

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