Friday, February 11, 2011

Get Happy!

Today is Friday! I'm finally feeling completely back to normal, and ready to enjoy the day. My advice to you today is in the words of Judy Garland in 1950:

Forget your troubles c'mon get happy,
you better chase all your cares away.
Shout hallejulah c'mon get happy
get ready for the judgement day.

The sun is shinin c'mon get happy,
the lord is waitin to take your hand.
shout hallejulah c'mon get happy,
we're going to the promise land!

In case that wasn't enough of a pick-me-up, enjoy some happy pictures from me to you!

all images via WeHeartIt

So have a drink, take a load off, and kick up your heels because.... it's FRIDAY! Have a happy one!


  1. I love this and all your cute pics! :D I'm happier just having seen your blog today!

  2. I'm glad to have made your Friday even more awesome! =)

  3. Love Anne Frank's quote.

    Have a happy weekend!

  4. Isn't it moving? You have a wonderful weekend as well!