Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have a sickness, I CANNOT stop changing things around my house. I'm SO CLOSE to completing our current decor scheme (who am I kidding, would I ever really be done??), and we've (read: I've) decided to completely re-do the decor and paint. GAH! Why, why why can't I just stop? Because it's too much fun, that's why. Sooooo, Eric has been bugging me to join him in removing the remaining popcorn ceilings in our 1970"s era house, and I've been REFUSING. I've done that once, and it's brutal. It takes so much time and so much strength~ceiling scraping is fun for NO ONE. However, I've been wanting to re-paint and establish a different color scheme in our home for the longest time. And since compromise is the basis of marriage... I have agreed to help in the removal of our popcorn ceilings, IF... I get to purchase a new couch (don't panic, it's Craigslist), and re-paint EVERYTHING.

I didn't choose the colors that are currently in the home, and I think that's worked out well for me. I may have chosen the exact same colors if I was starting with a blank slate. So, I've gotten to try the colors on, for lack of a better expression, for the last 2 years, and... yuck. They have great bases, but the intensity is just too much. So, my new color scheme? Buckle up...

VERY light tans, whites, and a NAVY accent wall. Plus, pops of yellow and green. GAH!! Can in you see it in your head?? Don't you just want to die of design awesomeness?!?! *sigh* You probably don't, but I'm hoping to convince you of it's pure adorableness (is this a word? Whatev...). I stumbled across the blog of the supremely talented Emily A. Clark, of North Carolina, who is fabulously brilliant. And how happy was I to discover that her living room is EXACTLY what I was envisioning!! So, without further ado... Here are some pics of her chic space, and try to envision me in them!

This is so gorgeous, I am dying! And a Chinese garden stool?! LOVE!

Navy wall?? Statement chair?? Sunburst mirror?? Holy AMAZING!!!

I WILL have a sofa like this, and monogrammed pillows are just amazing. Holy excitement!

All photos courtesy of Emily A. Clark.

I can't wait to start!! So, what do you think? Am I nuts? Would you do an almost-black accent wall? I'm getting excited for the project to start! Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. love these photos! go for it -- you only live once :)

    glad i discovered your blog today :)


  2. Thanks! I'm loving your blog as well!

    Much love,


  3. Love it! I was just searching online for navy accent walls, but I'm so chicken to do it!