Friday, February 18, 2011


This has been the Longest. Week. Ever. But today is Friday, and it's a half day, here at my school (read: I'm running around like a crazy person b/c my prep periods have been shortened.). So for today, I'll just post a little something. If you're not a member of the online discount shopping website, OneKingsLane, you should be. They feature daily sales on things ranging from home decor to slippers, and they're always super chic. Today they're featuring many things designed by John Robeshaw, and I want, Want, WANT this robe.

Doesn't it look comfy??? Plus I'd feel a lot more glam in this one than the fluffy pink and blue one I have now (I would miss the fluffiness, though!). I might even lose my guilt about laying around the house in a robe if I looked this cute. Sounds like a win, win! Take some time this holiday weekend and just lay around. =) Happy Friday, friends!

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